Queensland retro souvenir teatowel cushion covers

Colourful Queensland souvenir teatowel cushion covers to buy online. $10 OFF our Queensland Collection during March

These colourful and characterful cushion covers are handmade and lovingly crafted from vintage linen souvenir teatowels that celebrate everything that is glorious Queensland: sunshine, surfers and sugar cane, bikini babes and birdlife, pineapples and poorly drawn livestock. They never fail to make me smile and remind me of the deep and treasure-filled linen cupboard of my mother's wide verandah'd Brisbane home.

100% linen or cotton-linen blend, our cushion covers are made from original, authentic, collectible teatowels and backed with a rich coloured linen or cotton drill.

Great for any interior design, these colourful friends will have your guests swooning with nostalgia or demanding adoption.