Electrical Womens Association
Electrical Womens Association
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Electrical Womens Association

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Another public service teatowels from the EWA : connections for standard plugs. Fits a 50x50cm cushion insert (not included)

Mrs. M.L. Matthews, a member of the Women's Engineering Society (WES) council, conceived the idea of "a scheme popularising the domestic use of electricity"in 1924, following her cryptic moment of inspiration:
"When I was haymaking once during the war, an old farmhand came to me and said, 'Now ma'am, this is a job where you can work hard or you can work light. What you want to do is to work light'. I've never forgotten that, and I look round and see lots of women working hard when they might work 'light' with equally effective results. That is where electricity can help ...

In the 50s and 60s the EAW produced some teatowels, dusters and pinnies to encourage women to use electricity in the home. Yours to enjoy now as repurposed cushion covers - practical and restful! Love And West, working light!